F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions

Trading Account Set-Up and Maintenance

Who do you clear through?

We are a branch of Foremost Trading LLC which is an independent introducing broker (IIB). As an IIB, Foremost Trading can introduce trading accounts to many of the major FCM’s in the agriculture industry including ADM Investor Services, Gain Capital (formerly OEC), RJ O’Brien and Straits Financial.

I am not receiving my Daily Statements from Gain Capital; how can I get them?

Clients should be receiving a daily email that shows their open positions and trades.
Check to see if the emails are being received in your spam or junk folder. If the email is not found, contact our office or Gain Capital.

GrainHedge Offices877.472.4607
Gain Capital800.920.5808

Is there a report emailed out daily from Gain Capital to clients that shows “Net Overall Positions”?

There is not a report that is mailed out daily on “net overall” positions. However, this information can be found under the “positions” tab on the Grain Hedge Trading Platform.

What fees does Grain Hedge charge if my trading account is with Gain Capital?

The only monthly fee that you will incur is when you sign up for and utilize live quotes, these fees are paid directly to the exchanges. These range in expense from as little as $1 a month to $15 a month depending on the specific exchanges you wish to get quotes on.

To get an exact estimate on the specific live quotes Click Here.

In addition, you are charged a commission of $7.00 per side/per contract on trading. The “all-inclusive” fee of $10.91 per side includes commission, exchange, clearing and NFA fees. The fee of $3.91 is accurate for most grain trades. Other markets may be different. Exchange fees are subject to change without prior notice. Also, there are no fees associated with modifying or canceling an open order

If clients use the 24 Hour Trade Desk at Gain Capital are they charged a fee?

Yes $1.00 per contract/per side.

Are there any hidden fees with a Gain Capital trading account?

Gain Capital's mobile platform costs an additional .50 cents per side/per trade.

Is my Gain Capital trading account still active; I have not used it for over a year and there are no funds in it?

If an account has a zero balance and has not been used for over a year, it is considered inactive. If you wish to reinstate your trading account, you will need to fill out a new application to be submitted to Gain Capital. After approval, you will then be able to fund your account with a wire or check.

Give us a call at 877.472.4607, and we can send you the form to reactivate your account.

I’m having issues downloading and/or updating the Grain Hedge Standard Trading Platform?

Issues with updating the Grain Hedge Standard Trading Platform- If you are attempting to update and are receiving notifications that the download “failed to implement” then this may be a problem with the operating system. If the system is older (ie. Vista or XP) and you are getting this notification then the solution is to re-download the the software and install it. This will not affect the settings, it will simply install over the top of the platform.

Installing the Grain Hedge Standard Trading Platform- If you are installing the platform onto a new computer with a newer operating system (ie. windows 7 and windows 10), it should download and update without any issues. However, if you are having issues downloading the platform with one of these operating systems, the computer may not have the .net 3.5 installed. If this is not the case, check to see if your firewall is blocking the trader. If this is the case then you will need to add OEC trader as an exception to the firewall.

If you are still experiencing issues, please contact technical support at 1.800.920.5808

Can I run the Grain Hedge Standard Trading Platform on my Mac?

The Grain Hedge Standard Platform operates in a Windows environment. There is a product called VMWare Fusion ($60 one-time license fee). Once you install this product on your Mac, you can then install Windows 7 “inside it”. There are videos available online that explain the product more fully.

VM fusion software website: Click Here
“Features of VM Fusion” video: Click Here

Trading Mechanics

What are the trading hours?

Day Session8:30 am - 1:20 pm CST
Evening Session7:00 pm - 7:45 am CST

Link for: Trading Hours

Can I cancel/adjust orders when the market is closed?

There are several “Pre-Open Hours” time slots. These are windows of time in which a client can alter, or place limits & stops on their existing orders (there are no fills during this time).

Pre-Open Hours
8:00 am - 8:30 am CST
2:30 pm - 4:00 pm CST
4:45 pm - 7:00 pm CST

No orders are allowed from 4:00 pm - 4:45 pm CST (daily maintenance)

Do I have to call Grain Hedge before making a trade?

All Grain Hedge clients have direct access to the futures and options market via the mobile or desktop platform. We do not give specific trading advice but Grain Hedge brokers are more than happy to help answer questions about order type, how to get in or out of a market, or general exchange questions.

Away from your computer? You can place trades by calling our office or through our clearing member's 24-hour trade desk line.

GrainHedge Offices877.472.4607
Gain Capital Trade Desk877.456.3636
RJO Trade Desk800.367.3768

Are there any trading restrictions I should be aware of?

Trading restrictions can be found on Gain Capital's Website under account specifications under the “resources” tab There is information regarding risk limits that outline each individual's exact trading restrictions pertaining to how many positions you are allowed to have on.

You can also follow the link below
Click Here

Where Can I find my Gain Capital Daily and Monthly Reports?

Log in to your Gain Capital Account Portal Using your current Username and Password.

Link to log in portal
Click Here

On the right side of your screen you will see “Reports” under the My Account heading. Click on Reports and then click on “Open Reports on LIVE”. All of the daily statements for up to 90 days are available. Monthly statements will be available for several years. All of these files will be available to be viewed on the site and for download.

Can I trade option spreads with my Gain Capital trading account through the platform?

Yes, you can trade option spreads through the platform. On the Gain Capital website, there is a list of the spreads that they offer.

Link to list of option spreads
Click Here

How do I cancel an Open Order?

There are two ways you can cancel an order on the Grain Hedge Platform, click on the tab at the bottom of the page titled "Active orders". Under this tab there should be a list of all your current active orders. Find the contract you want to cancel and right click on it. In the drop down menu click on the "cancel option" button. Next you will get a popup window that will ask you to confirm your selection, click okay.

The second way to cancel an order is to go to Depth of Market (DOM) on the contract you want to cancel. You can do this by selecting the contract in the quotes table. Right click the contract and then click "DOM" button in the drop down menu. You will be able to see your position in the white box just outside the green and red boxes that show other trader’s positions. Your position should be red if you are short and green if you are long. All you have to do in right click on you position to cancel. You will get a pop-up window asking you to confirm your position, click yes if you wish to cancel.

I’m on Margin Call, what do I do now?

Your account is self-directed, which means that you direct all trades through the Grain Hedge Standard or RJO Vantage/WebOE platforms. Depending on the clearing member, you can meet margin calls through wires or ACH deposits. It also means that it is your responsibility to maintain the proper margin requirements for your positions.

If you are on margin call (Day 1, Day 2, Day 3), you are on “liquidation only”. This means that a restriction has been placed on your account and you will only be allow to liquidate your current positions (no new trades can be placed). This “hold” on your account will be removed once you have either liquidated your positions or wired funds to Gain Capital. Keep in mind, the “hold” itself is not updated until the close of the market. If you do not liquidate your positions by the close of your 3rd day on margin call, you will be liquidated out of your positions before the close of the market. Grain Hedge reserves the right to liquidate your positions in the event your account value drops below $500. This is an option of last resort and is a policy brokerages use to manage their risk. Before liquidation, Grain Hedge brokers will make numerous attempts to contact you via phone and email.

Please note, once your account is on margin call we will monitor the account closely, if your account runs the risk of going “debit” while on margin call then your positions will be liquidated before Day 3. The best option for anyone on margin call is to wire funds to Gain on Day 1. Funds will only be accepted via wire transfer while on Margin Call. Checks are not accepted for Margin Call as they take 5 business days before cleared.

Where can I find the right corresponding symbol with the commodity that I want to trade?

There is an index with all of the individual information about each commodity (the symbol, Exchange, the hours that it can be traded) on Gain Capital’s Website. To find this page: go to gainfutures.com/ and click on the Resources tab, from the drop down, select “Trading Hours”.

You can also follow the link below
Click Here

Where can I find the margin requirements for a commodity that I want to trade?

This information can be found in an index on Gain Capital’s Website . To find the page go to gainfutures.com/, select the Resources tab at the top of the page and then click on “Margin Requirements” under Products.

You can also follow the link below.
Click Here

Can you chart spreads on the platform?

Unfortunately, the platform does not chart spreads, but you can pull up a quote on a spread instrument and trade it directly

Can you tell me where I can find the options costs as I start to look at the calls/puts options?

On your Grain Hedge Standard platform, from your quote board, right click on any symbol such as ZCZ6 and then select from the menu "Find Options Chain". This gives you the calls/puts in a window. Note that you can increase the number of strikes viewed by increasing that setting in the upper middle of the box. Also, note the expiration pull down to select a view of different options expiration dates.

Trading Platform Support

Is there a Tech Support phone number I can use when having issues with my Grain Hedge Standard Trading Platform?

Yes, you are welcome to call our office or through our clearing member's 24 hour a day.

GrainHedge Offices877.472.4607
Gain Capital Technical Support800.920.5808
RJO Technical Support877.396.9316