What factors are shaping the local and national 2014 grain harvest environment and what challenges could you be facing?
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Trading Calendar

A complete trade calendar can be found on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange's website: www.cmegroup.com

Important trade dates are detailed on this calendar that Grain Hedge clients should keep in mind. Most importantly are first notice dates, which is the first day the seller of a contract can notify the buyer they intend to make delivery. Additionally, after first notice day has passed contracts are no longer subject to limits on price movement. We encourage all clients to roll their hedges or liquidate at least a week prior to the contract's first notice day. If you would like to read more about first notice or last trade dates consult the glossary on our website.

If you need assistance rolling hedges to a more distant month or liquidating prior to first notice, please contact our office: 877-472-4607