What factors are shaping the local and national 2014 grain harvest environment and what challenges could you be facing?
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My Grain Trades

My Grain Trades is a web-based record keeping system that helps farmers make more profitable and timely grain marketing decisions. It is a tool that aggregates crop production, marketing transactions, crop insurance values, and government payments into one single crop value which is updated continuously as market prices change.

Because of the uncertainty associated within commodity markets, pricing grain can be one of the most difficult tasks a farmer experiences each year. The best way to approach marketing is through education, strategy development, and timely execution. My Grain Trades provides essential information that allows farmers to monitor their marketing strategy and precisely identify marketing opportunities that meet profit goals.

Simple Transaction Entry

Easily enter all your cash, forward, basis, and HTA contracts. Your futures and options trades automatically show up in Grain Hedge, giving you an instant accounting of your crop value.

Intuitive Reports

Easily locate up to three farms on our satellite-based map, and let Grain Hedge calculate the driving and trucking costs to all markets in our system.

Client Benefits

- Personalized Broker
- Direct Market Access
- Trade Anytime, Anywhere
- Price Protection Made Easy
- Daily Market Commentary

14 Day Free Trial