What factors are shaping the local and national 2014 grain harvest environment and what challenges could you be facing?
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Grain Marketing Intelligence

The Grain Hedge Optimizer gives farmers a powerful tool that can help improve their marketing by 10-20 cents in the Cash Market! The Grain Hedge Optimizer is a premium product with one goal: to find farmers additional money. Every day our committed team of data operators collects over 42,000 spot and forward cash market bids from elevators and grain buyers all over the country. Over 4,200 markets are covered every single day, which gives subscribers access to the most accurate and in-depth cash market data available. We capture bids from elevators, ethanol producers, crushing plants, mills, feed operations, and other high-volume grain buyers. Our data has broad coverage, and even producers outside of the Midwest will be able to find cash bids near their farm.

Grain Hedge Optimizer

Grain Hedge clients use our cash grain optimizer, showing spot and forward bids within 200 miles of your farm. We show you your best cash marketing opportunity daily, helping you get the most out of your stored bushels.

Pinpoint Your Farm

Easily locate up to three farms on our satellite-based map, and let Grain Hedge calculate the driving miles and trucking costs to all markets in our system.

Find your Best Market

Let Grain Hedge do the work! It finds the best local markets adjusted for hauling and storage costs from each of your farms. Does your broker know what your best cash market is today?

See Trends in your Region

Basis intelligence through charting and mapping identify important trends in your local markets, and help you capture more returns on your cash grain.

Client Benefits

- Personalized Broker
- Direct Market Access
- Trade Anytime, Anywhere
- Hedging Made Convenient
- Daily Market Commentary

14 Day Free Trial