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Pricing & Rates

Commission rates

Futures: $7.00 per side
Options: $14.00 charged up front
(Does not include exchange, clearing, and NFA fees. In total, fees generally run about $3.63 per side)

Cost For Services

Mobile Trading
Free live quotes and charting
25 cents per side platform fee

Desktop Computer Trading
Free live quotes and charting - no hidden fees.

Initial Funds

$5,000 to open an account
*You may fund the account by transferring an existing Brokerage Account to Grain Hedge.

Account Services

Mobile Trading Platform
Desktop Trading Platform
1 on 1 Relationship with a Grain Hedge Broker
24-hour phone order desk
Morning Grain Market Commentary
USDA Report Expectations

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any hidden fees?

No. At Grain Hedge you get free live quotes from Chicago on your mobile device or desktop computer when you open a trading account. There are no management fees, maintenance fees, or trading requirements. The only time you pay for our services in when you place a trade. $7 commissions per side, exchanges fees that generally run $3.63 per side, and a 50 cent platform fee when the trade is placed on our mobile app.

Who do you clear through?

Grain Hedge is an Independent Introducing Broker who clears trades through 3 clearing firms: Open E-Cry, Dorman, and Ironbeam. By being independent we are free to work with our clients and determine the clearing member that best fits their needs. We are happy to discuss in detail our clearing options available and which services are right for your operation.

Do I have to call Grain Hedge before making a trade?

No. All Grain Hedge clients have direct access to the futures and options market. We don’t give specific trading advice but Grain Hedge brokers are more than happy to help answer questions about order type, how to get in or out of a market, or general exchange questions. Away from your computer? You can place trades by calling our office or through our clearing member's 24 hour trade desk at no additional cost.

How do you handle margin calls?

Your account is self-directed, which means that you are free to place trades at any time through the Grain Hedge platform. It also means that it is your responsibility to maintain the proper margin requirements for your positions. Grain Hedge clients often establish a strong working relationship with our brokers by keeping the lines of communication open when positions drop below maintenance margin.

Grain Hedge reserves the right to liquidate your positions in the event your account value drops below $500. This is an option of last resort and is a policy brokerages use to manage their risk. Before liquidation, Grain Hedge brokers will make numerous attempts to contact you via phone and email. Being proactive and being in touch with your broker will help avoid these situations.

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There is substantial risk of loss in trading futures and options. Futures trading is not appropriate for all investors.
Trading in futures is not suitable for many members of the public. Read our Risk Disclosure and Privacy Policy