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Our team - Kevin, Brock, Cody and Logan

Our Company

Our mission is to educate and empower traders through the use of technology and innovation focusing on agricultural commodities. We strive to provide actionable information to help our customers meet their profitability goals. Our platform has been developed specifically for the agricultural producer and provides live futures quotes, direct market access, and cash market bids and intelligence. Finally, the information you need to make profitable marketing decisions can be accessed under one Grain Hedge log in.

Even though our accounts are self-directed, farmers are not alone. Our team of brokers can be reached easily through a phone call, email, online support, or a web meeting. Our brokers work hard to provide education so that each client can execute their strategy with confidence. The avenues we use include: Grain TV, cash and futures market commentary, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and weather intelligence from Planalytics.

Our headquarters are based in beautiful Bozeman, Montana which helps us draw upon the talented group of people that attend Montana State University. Not only does our location give us access to knowledgeable employees, it also keeps us in touch with our small town roots. From this location, we are building a solid team that focuses on customer service, personal relationships, technology driven solutions, and actionable intelligence for grain traders. When contacting us you will not be treated as just another trader but instead as a valued client.

Meet the Team

Kevin McNew

Kevin McNew

President & Founder

"I’ve always been fascinated by grain markets, their volatile nature, and the role that economic and weather-based factors have in crop production, demand and ultimately prices." says Kevin McNew, President of Grain Hedge. McNew was raised on a farm in central Oklahoma and received his bachelor’s degree from Oklahoma State University, and master’s and Ph.D. degrees in Economics from North Carolina State University. For over a decade, he was a Professor of Economics at the University of Maryland and Montana State University, focusing on commodity markets. He has received numerous academic awards for his research and outreach work, and was (and still is) widely regarded for boiling down complex economic issues into easy-to-understand concepts for applied life.

Today, McNew is one of the most well-respected industry experts on cash markets. As an analyst, Kevin's unique commentary on cash markets can be seen weekly on Bloomberg, Dow Jones, Reuters and other publications. He also currently serves on the CFTC Sub-Committee on Futures Market Convergence issues. In addition, he is a frequent speaker at conferences on topics of risk management, biofuels and new trading techniques and can be heard regularly as the Chief Analyst on Grain TV. In his free time McNew serves as the captain of the HHL hockey team, The Grain Gretzkys.

Although President of Grain Hedge, Kevin still takes an active role in new projects that will continue to serve the company’s mission in the years to come. "Tenacious innovation is what we strive for everyday in developing the best, most precise answers to grain traders."

Brock Schimbeno

Brock Schimbeno

Senior Broker

Brock works closely with clients to help them execute futures and options trading strategies that meet their risk management and profit objectives through Grain Hedge. In addition to assisting clients in the futures market, Brock pays special attention to helping clients utilize the cash market intelligence tools provided by Grain Hedge to maximize their net returns. Brock also provides futures market commentary, an overview of what is happening and what’s on the horizon in the grain market, which can be found at our blog and he shares his insights regularly on Grain TV.

At a young age Brock was exposed to trading commodities while living on a livestock and grain farm in southwest Minnesota. His first vehicle was actually paid for with the proceeds from his cattle trades. Brock graduated from Montana State with honors in Business Finance and a minor in Economics. Shortly after graduation, Brock joined GeoGrain as a cash market specialist. Within a few months he obtained his Series 3 license to become a registered commodities broker and began his work with Grain Hedge.

Giving back to the community is important to Brock. Recently, he has made speaking appearances at Montana State University’s Finance Club, D.A. Davidson’s investment seminar, Montana Ag Bankers Association, and donates time to the March of Dimes Foundation. His hobbies keep him busy in the mountains surrounding Bozeman, as he enjoys trail running, mountain biking, snowboarding, and backpacking.

Cody Bills

Cody Bills

Director of Client Services

As Director of Client Services, Cody works with current and prospective clients to ensure their organizations are capturing the most value out of the cash market data and intelligence that Grain Hedge offers. In addition, as a licensed commodities broker, he works with clients to implement hedging strategies and capture the best prices in cash trading opportunities.

Cody graduated from the University of Vermont with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration concentrating on Finance. During this time he worked as an analyst for a local investment management firm where his equity write-ups appeared in two national publications.

Following the completion of his education, Cody moved to Bozeman, MT and began his position at GeoGrain as Director of Data Services. During his tenure he also played an important role in the development of the company’s web services which make Grain Hedge solutions more customizable for clients. He is a regular analyst on Grain TV and AgWeb Radio focusing on fundamental and technical drivers of the grain market.

Logan Burgess

Logan Burgess


Before becoming a licensed broker at Grain Hedge, Logan worked at GeoGrain as a Senior Cash Market Specialist. In this role he helped oversee the collection of cash grain bids from nearly 4,000 elevators across the country. Working this closely with cash market data helped Logan develop an understanding of the geo-spatial relationships in the cash market, in addition to the opportunities that many producers forego when making marketing decisions. He now works closely with producers to ensure they are getting the most out of their bushels when making cash sales.

Logan has enjoyed following markets and trading from an early age and it was this interest that lead him to study Finance at Montana State University, where he graduated with honors. He now uses his experience with online trading platforms to help producers access the commodity markets from their home or office. He is a regular contributor to the Grain Hedge blog, Grain TV broadcast, and @GRAINTV twitter feed.

When he is not working or playing defense for the Grain Gretzky hockey team, he enjoys hunting and fishing in the mountains of Southwest Montana.

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